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Designed by Chakal HockeyPosted by David St-Martin


Welcome to Chakal Hockey's NFL project. First, none of the following was ordered by any NFL team. I didn't even spoke with any of them. Then, the project comes from the will to prove myself and nobody else, what I could have done if I was asked to work on an NFL team global look including logos and uniforms. This was only for fun and for display here on this website. Then, right before starting this, I've set 2 rules to follow:
1- I have to recreate everything and not use existing logos of the NFL teams. There's a home, away and alternate uniform for all 32 existing teams to this date.
2- I forced myself to keep the teams original colours.

Thank you all for visiting and have as much fun watching this as I had doing it. Click on the team you want to see. You will have the possibility to zoom on the elements inside the pages to see them bigger.

AFC East


AFC North


AFC South


AFC West

NFC East


NFC North


NFC South


NFC West

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